ecodur coatings


Better. Faster. Cheaper. Safer.

Environmentally sustainable.


Ecodur is an environmentally sustainable protective coating that defeats some of the harshest environments that the natural and man-made world can throw at steel, wood, concrete and many other substrates.

These products have a proven track record dating back to the 1990s.

Over US$3.0 million invested in research and testing in commercial and industrial applications.

Toxicity – Ecodur has 0 VOCs and no BPA.  Ecodur helps fulfill the public’s desire for coating products that are truly ‘green’ and safe for use in residential, commercial or heavy industrial applications.


Ecodure meets:

  • the harshest demands for toughness, longevity, integrity
  • the demands of sustainability and ‘green’ product policies
  • the demands of health, safety and protection for workers
  • the demands of various industries for ‘unique’ usage

Ease of Use:

  • with purpose-built airless spray technology
  • short learning curve for workers to handle and apply
  • can be applied by rolling, brushing or pouring due to its self-leveling qualities

 Cheaper, Faster, Better, Naturally.

Compatible with MagO  Panels

Suitable for:

  • Food prep and pharmaceutical industries
  • Concrete coating
  • Potable water storage and distribution systems
  • Marine applications
  • Parking garage floors (Commercial & Residential)
  • Factory Floor & Wall coatings
  • Liquid applied membrane suitable for use over living spaces


  • Dual Action Membrane
    • Two important features: Waterproof and “breathes”
    • Allows vapor transmission 
    • VOC-free, solvent-free, non-toxic
    • ANSI/NSF-61 rated for potable water contact
    • Can be applied in cold temperatures

    • 20-100% Elongation
    • 98-100% Adhesion – bonds to any substrate
    • Vertical and over head application – fast curing rates.
    • Self-leveling properties.
    • Cold weather application – 30 minutes at -18°C.
    • Less surface prep required.
    • Lasts longer than epoxy coatings.

    • The Ecodur 201 Coating can cure in 15 minutes at 7.2°C.
    • Also, can cure in 30 minutes at-18°C.
    • Less preparation time.

    • Emission-free
    • The Ecodur 201 Coating can cure in 15 minutes at 7.2°C.
    • Also, can cure in 30 minutes at-18°C.
    • Less preparation time.
    • Exceeds longevity and UV resistant.
    • Can bond to original coating.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Better thickness range.
    • Minimum surface preparation required.
    • Faster cure rates even at cold temperatures.
    • Decrease or eliminate downtime.
    • No emissions in the manufacturing process.
    • No chemical solvents used in the product or application process.
    • American made and ethically sourced.


The main ingredients are gypsum powder and castor bean oil.


Gypsum is a widely available and abundant natural mineral that is used in Ecodur to produce industrial strength coatings and building materials.

Castagra has developed the technology to bond highly water-resistant natural oils directly with the water molecules in the gypsum such that these components become “fixed” into a polymer matrix and unable to become wet or soggy.



Castor has been developed and used for centuries to make lubricants pharmaceuticals  and many other useful products including as a health supplement.

Products made from natural castor oil ingredients have superior properties compared to crude oil products.

Ecodur Vs Traditional Epoxy Coatings

Properties MetricsEpoxiesEcodur 201
AdhesionMost epoxies don’t stick well. Adhesion rate is typically 50%.Ecodur’s adhesion rate is 98% to 100%.  It bonds molecularly to cellulosic surfaces such as wood, and natural fibres, including straw.
FlexibilityMost epoxies are not flexible. They tend to crack and flake in heat and cold very quickly allowing moisture, oxygen, and contaminants to reach the base surface.Ecodur is flexible, highly protective and has passed forward and reverse impact tests.
CostMost epoxies are expensive. Material costs are high, and the application process is difficult.Cost effective. Easily applied and easy to clean. Overall life cycle costs are much lower.
PerformanceEpoxies show early failure and have limited lifespan, particularly in harsh industrial and marine conditions.Ecodur has a 20-year history in marine and concrete construction applications  where  they easily outperform epoxies.
Application SpeedEpoxy coatings takes about twice as much effort and time to cover a surface.Half the time. Due to fast cure rates and minimal surface prep. Ecodur does not slide on vertical surfaces due to fast set times.
EnvironmentMost epoxies are toxic and petrochemical based. Clean up requires hazardous solvents (acetone).Ecodur is a plant oil and gypsum based  non-toxic coating. No solvents are used to clean spray equipment

Ecodur is suitable for use as:
  • Liquid Applied Membrane for roofs, decks and vertical surfaces
  • Marine applications for steel, wood, concrete and FRP  vessels
  • Potable water tanks
  • Garage floors, residential and commercial grade
  • Food Preparation surfaces
  • Cannabis and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Planters
  • Movie sets applied over EPS
  • ICF foundations


Examples of Applications

Ecodur Garage Floor Coating

– before and after

Food Processing Plant

Houston ice creamery
Freezer with a concrete floor

 Yogurt Digester tank

Residential Balcony

before & after

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