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CBT (Canadian Building Technologies Ltd) is a technology company focused on improving building performance by offering materials and wall systems that are sustainable, durable, energy efficient, healthy and non-combustible. Our products are leading edge to meet tomorrows code requirements.



 AluMag is a Non-combustible aluminum composite panel (ACP)  for exterior and interior wall cladding.  Its core is made from the same minerals used in fire extinguishers suitable for the exposed face in a 2 hour fire separation test with 0 flame spread and very low smoke produced.  AluMag panels are continuously made from roll stock 1.2 and 1.5 meter wide x up to 6 meters or longer, 6 mm thin or less (48 & 60 inch x 20 ft x 1/4 in) and are offered in a huge array of colors and appearances,  they are easy to work and install using standard tools.

Vacuum Insulated Panels Canada
Panasonic Vacuum Insolation Panels

Vacuum Insulation Panels made by Panasonic  These long lasting, highly efficient and easy to install insulation panels are the most efficient to protect buildings and occupants against the transmission of thermal and sound energy.  Panasonic VIPs provide R63 per inch and are a complete water (vapor)  and air barrier.  Panasonic VIPs are best installed as part of the building envelope as part of the AluMag and MagO Cladding Systems.

Mago building supplies
MagO Panels

MagO magnesium oxide ceramic cement panels are a superior alternative to gypsum and fiber cement products for interior and exterior applications.  MagO Panels can also be used as non-combustible structural sheathing for floors, walls and roofs.  Made literally from minerals required for the health of people, plants and animals these products have low embedded energy and sequester CO2 making them one of the most sustainable materials that are highly resistant to damage from fire, water, insects, mold, impact damage and sound transmission.  MagO panels are easily worked using common tools and do not include silicates or other toxins making them very safe to work with.

ecodur coatings
Castagra Ecodur

Castagra Ecodur coatings have proven their superior adhesion and wear resistance over several decades of use.  Made from castor oil this plant oil and gypsum based coating is suitable for potable water systems, marine decking, oil and gas facilities, food preparation, liquid applied roof and deck membranes, parking garage floors and much more.  Easy to apply, non-toxic and affordable, Ecodur can help solve problems where others fail.

CBT Group team members and management have decades of experience in designing assemblies and solutions to simplify construction while improving building performance, meeting the future requirements of building design with regards to fire resistance, sound transmission, health and safety and energy efficiency. We are able to provide technical support, assist with design and be a valued part of your construction process.

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